Finding materials that not only meet the rigorous demands of production but also seamlessly integrate into automated processes is key to staying ahead of the competition.

This is where ROHACELL® enters the scene – a groundbreaking material increasingly becoming the go-to choice for industries leaning into automated composite production.

With its remarkable blend of strength, lightweight properties, and adaptability, ROHACELL® promises to revolutionize how products are made, offering a glimpse into the future of manufacturing.

Read on and discover why ROHACELL® is the perfect match for the innovative world of automated production.

Exceptional Strength-to-Weight Ratio

In the world of high-performance materials, ROHACELL® stands out as a marvel of engineering, blending lightweight design with formidable strength.

Known for its high heat distortion temperature and impressive creep compression strength, this material offers a strength-to-weight ratio that’s critical in sectors demanding peak performance.

Compatible with both thermoset and thermoplastic polymers, ROHACELL® can withstand the rigors of processes that reach temperatures as high as 200°C and pressures up to 0.7 MPa. This makes it a go-to resource for industries operating under extreme conditions.

Besides the basic variant, ROHACELL® is available in several additional grades, including HF, XT, and RIMA, each engineered to cater to specific needs while maintaining the material’s integrity and ensuring no print-through on the face sheets.

Enhanced Precision in Automation

ROHACELL® is a game-changer for industries like aerospace and automotive, where accuracy is key. Its unique properties ensure that each component produced meets the highest quality standards.

The uniform cell structure of ROHACELL® allows for an even distribution of resin and maintains consistent thermal behavior throughout the fabrication process. It’s compatible with various automated techniques such as resin infusion, prepreg autoclave, and tape laying, providing unparalleled control at every stage of production.

Additionally, ROHACELL®’s capability to bond with facings in a single curing step simplifies manufacturing. This elimination of multiple stages reduces errors, effectively streamlining production.

In industries where even the slightest inaccuracy can lead to significant repercussions, ROHACELL® offers a robust, precise, and efficient solution, keeping the automated production lines at the forefront of innovation and reliability.

Reduced Material Waste

The introduction of ROHACELL® is transforming the landscape by significantly slashing material waste, a move that not only bolsters economic viability but also helps companies promote environmental sustainability.

Here’s a closer look at how ROHACELL® is pioneering this waste reduction revolution:

  • Masterful Precision Cutting: Featuring a uniform cell structure, ROHACELL® allows for impeccably precise cuts. This precision ensures optimal material utilization, virtually eliminating waste generated from excess material.
  • Stellar Scrap Reduction: The stability and predictability of ROHACELL® during machining processes mean significantly fewer production errors. As a result, the material sees a drastic decrease in scrap rates, conserving resources and reducing production costs.
  • Optimal Resin Efficiency: With its closed-cell composition, ROHACELL® limits the amount of resin absorbed during the manufacturing process. This efficiency prevents the waste of expensive resins, which typically seep into the unnecessary voids of more porous substrates.
  • Efficient Single-Step Process: The design of ROHACELL® supports a single-step method for bonding and curing components. This streamlined approach makes the production faster and further cuts down on the waste typical of more traditional multi-step processes.

Applications Across Industries

ROHACELL® is revolutionizing industries with its versatile applications, from soaring aerospace designs to ground-breaking sports equipment.

In the aerospace sector, the material is best known for its ability to withstand high temperatures and maintain strength under pressure. This makes it a key component in aircraft, where it enhances durability and significantly slashes weight, leading to better fuel efficiency and overall performance.

In the automotive sector, ROHACELL® provides much-needed sturdiness and lightness, boosting vehicle dynamics and fuel economy. Its compatibility with cutting-edge automated manufacturing techniques such as resin infusion and prepreg autoclave also accelerates production timelines and cuts costs.

The sports industry is using ROHACELL® for its resilience against repeated impacts, ensuring that high-performance gear does its job without unnecessary heft. From the cores of surfboards to downhill skis to hockey sticks, ROHACELL® is enabling designers to craft sleek, agile sports equipment that weighs little to nothing.


ROHACELL® is indispensable for automated composite production. Its superior strength-to-weight ratio guarantees lightweight yet durable components.

The material’s compatibility with automation technologies enhances precision, significantly cuts waste, and maintains consistent quality. Across various industries, ROHACELL® leads to the creation of high-performance composites that meet rigorous safety and performance criteria.

Choosing ROHACELL® for your manufacturing needs not only optimizes production efficiency but also guarantees reliability in your processes.