Rohacryl SW

ROHACRYL TM SW is a closed-cell foam with a fine, homogeneous cell structure that is free of harmful CFC’s content. The small cell size makes it possible to keep resin absorption at the surface of the foam core to a strict minimum. This novel rigid foam product is ideal for lightweight sandwich construction in a wide variety of applications in industries like wind energy, sports and leisure equipment, marine and sub-sea, as well as automotive and industrial markets. ROHACRYL™ SW core is easy to thermoform and can be machined using standard CNC equipment.

Technical Data Sheet:


ROHACRYL™ has been developed to meet the requirements of high-volume industries with a clear focus on lightweight and sustainable applications. Its high performance and contribution to sustainability is a step ahead for products, processes and value chains in the composite industry.


The unique combination of mechanical strength and stiffness at low densities allows you to build your sandwich design leaner and lighter. Highly isotropic cells, tailored for low resin absorption, offer additional weight saving potential. Rethink your design and watch the weight of your products decrease!


The recyclable raw material base of ROHACRYL™ offers a low carbon footprint and a clean end-of-life solution. Low resin consumption, a leaner design, and short cycle times are additional levers for responsible production in our global environment. Future-proof your applications for the challenges of a circular economy – without any harmful CFCs!


ROHACRYL™ is easy to machine with the ability to cut it quickly and cleanly. The compatibility with automated handling systems due to closed cells and the high processing temperature are a requisite for shorter cycle times.

The result is increased production efficiency from start to finish. ROHACRYL™ is the foam of choice for automated, high-volume production with RTM and infusion processes. It addresses the needs of the whole design and production chain with excellent mechanical properties at low densities, low resin absorption and high process temperatures.