Rohacell HF

ROHACELL® HF as a polymethacrylimide (PMI)  foam is mainly used in all kind of antenna applications, with its extremely low dielectric constants and particularly favourable transmission properties in the high frequency region,

The main adventages of ROHACELL® HF comparing to other grades are its extremely fine cell structure that ensures minimal resin uptake, and even stronger mass reduction due to the very fine cells sizes. That grade is also used in all kind of electronic-medical devices like x-ray tables and housings.  ROHACELL® HF can be processed by prepreg, vacuum infusion and RTM techniques at pressures up to 0.3 MPa and temperatures up to 130°C. The thermo-formability of ROHACELL® provides a tremendous manufacturing advantage. ROHACELL® HF can also be also shaped by machining.

Technical Data Sheet:

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31 HF51 HF71 HF
Density [kg/m3] 325275
Compressive Strength [MPa] 0,40,91,5
Tensile Strength [MPa] 1,01,92,8
Tensile Modulus [MPa] 367092
Elongation at Break [%] 3,54,04,5
Shear Strength [MPa] 0,40,81,3
Shear Modulus [MPa] 131929
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion [1/K*10E-5] N/A3,343,23
Dielectric constant 1,041,061,09
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ROHACELL® HF is a closed-cell rigid foam based on polymethacrylimide (PMI) chemistry completely free of CFC’s. With its extremely low dielectric constants and particularly favorable transmission properties at high frequencies, ROHACELL® HF is ideal for use in antenna applications.


Featuring an extremely fine closed-cell structure, the foam ensures minimal resin uptake and problem[1]free compatibility with metallic facing materials due to the absence of corrosive effects. ROHACELL® HF foam is suitable for hand lay-up, prepreg processing and vacuum infusion at temperatures up to 130 °C (266 °F) and pressures up to 0.3 MPa (44 psi).

APPLICATIONS Used worldwide in miniature antennas in cell phones to large fixed ship-based and stationary antenna structures, the foam is also used as structural core in radomes and mammography plates.

THERMOFORMING AND SHAPING ROHACELL® HF can be easily thermoformed or CNC machined to meet application requirements. High precision, pre-shaped and ready-to-use foam cores in complex or simple geometries can be supplied by the Chem-craft Shapes Department.