Have you ever considered how professional shaping services could improve the quality and efficiency of your products?

With Chem-Craft’s advanced techniques in horizontal cutting, foam contouring, foam shape milling, and RTM mold milling,  fine-tuning your creation is easier than ever.

Let’s explore how Chem-Craft’s foam-shaping services can benefit you and your projects!

Horizontal Cutting Service

Chem-Craft’s horizontal cutting service offers precise foam cutting, achieving thicknesses as fine as 1mm and maintaining tolerances as strict as 0.1mm. This level of accuracy is made possible through the use of sophisticated equipment and the oversight of experienced technicians, ensuring each specification is met with precision.

The service isn’t restricted to thin foams alone. It accommodates any specified thickness up to the maximum allowable for each type of foam, catering to various uses – from high-tech applications to sturdy sports equipment.

Chem-Craft’s advanced technology and expertise ensure that both large-scale and custom single-item orders are executed with exactitude.

Additionally, Chem-Craft provides angle-cutting services, adding to the functionality of its horizontal-cutting capabilities. This option enables the production of foam pieces with angled edges, crucial for applications requiring precise fits into corners or the assembly of complex shapes.

Foams Contouring Service

Chem-Craft’s professional shaping services include specialized foam contouring, based on its expertise in horizontal cutting to meet detailed design requirements. This service enables the creation of precise contours and profiles essential for various projects, ranging from ergonomic consumer products to intricate technical components.

The company uses advanced machinery to transform large foam blocks into shapes specified in client blueprints.

Precision is key, with a standard cutting tolerance of 0.1 mm, ensuring high accuracy in every piece.

Chem-Craft offers an enhanced precision option for projects requiring even more exactness, tightening the tolerance to 0.05 mm. This improved precision is crucial for industries where small variances significantly affect the product’s performance or aesthetic quality.

Foam Shape Milling Service

Chem-Craft’s foam shape milling service can help you create complex designs with a standard precision of 0.1 mm. Utilizing advanced CNC milling technology, this service can shape various foam materials into detailed configurations, which is crucial for precision-dependent industries such as aerospace, automotive, and architectural design.

For projects requiring even more precise details, Chem-Craft can achieve tolerances as fine as 0.05 mm.

Chem-Craft’s foam milling service is designed with versatility in mind, handling different types of foam chosen for their specific properties like density, flexibility, and thermal resistance. This helps ensure the unique requirements of each project are met without any complications.

RTM Mold Milling Service

Chem-Craft’s in-house metal mold milling services utilize our extensive experience in composite manufacturing to produce molds for a variety of complex shapes.

Our advanced milling technology allows us to create precise multi-part molds that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Our RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) mold milling service provides molds that are critical for achieving high performance in your manufacturing process. The precision in our milling ensures molds with excellent surface finish and dimensional stability, which is crucial for manufacturing high-quality composite parts.

Our skilled team meticulously oversees each step from design to final product, ensuring your detailed requirements are accurately met. Chem-Craft’s RTM mold milling service is ideal for producing both small detailed parts and larger complex assemblies efficiently and reliably.

Choosing Chem-Craft means partnering with experts in mold design and manufacturing, committed to elevating your projects with precision-engineered molds.


Incorporating Chem-Craft’s professional shaping services into your projects can revolutionize the way you approach design and manufacturing.

From advanced horizontal cutting and specialized foam contouring to precision foam shape milling and top-tier RTM mold milling, Chem-Craft provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the most demanding specifications with unparalleled accuracy.

Whether you are in the aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, or consumer products industry, these services offer the precision, efficiency, and reliability needed to take your projects from concept to completion effortlessly.

By choosing Chem-Craft, you’re not just accessing superior shaping services – you’re partnering with a team of experts dedicated to ensuring your vision is realized to its highest potential!