ROHACELL® Foam – The Backbone of Next-Gen Antennas and Radomes in Communication Technology

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Essential for the functionality of commercial and military aircraft alike, antennas and their protective counterparts, radomes, play a pivotal role in ensuring effective navigation and positioning capabilities.

As reliance on visual cues diminishes in favor of advanced radar devices, the industry’s demand for materials that can withstand extreme conditions while maintaining signal integrity skyrockets.

Enter ROHACELL®, a high-performance rigid foam known for its superior thermoforming capabilities, making it an optimal choice for crafting radomes that stand up to rigorous specifications and environmental tests.

ROHACELL® Foam – Revolutionizing Radar System Efficiency

The inherent qualities of ROHACELL® foam transcend basic mechanical protection, addressing the core requirements for efficiency and reliability in antenna and radome applications.

With the global transition towards 5G communication standards, the role of radomes has become even more critical. They must now ensure that no signal strength is lost while facilitating faster data transmission rates.

ROHACELL®, with its close dielectric match to air, enables the creation of radomes that can adhere to tight tolerances, thus ensuring minimal signal interference – a paramount feature for achieving optimal performance in next-generation radar systems.

Moreover, ROHACELL® foam’s ultrafine cell structure presents an ideal solution for direct contact with metallic antenna panels. Its specific design caters to precise shaping requirements and serves as an effective spacer within antenna technology.

This compatibility is instrumental in optimizing space and enhancing signal directionality – critical factors in the development of sophisticated radar systems where every millimeter counts.

CHEM-CRAFT: Leading Supplier of ROHACELL® and ROHACRYL® Foams

At CHEM-CRAFT, we take pride in being at the forefront of supplying Nordic Europe, Eastern Europe, and Benelux countries with high-quality ROHACELL® and ROHACRYL® foams.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients in the antenna and radome industry have access to materials that set new standards in both performance and durability.

CHEM-CRAFT offers unparalleled expertise and support throughout the material selection process, ensuring that each project benefits from a foam solution that perfectly matches its unique requirements.

The ROHACELL® foam we can supply you with aids in creating advanced radar systems capable of navigating the complexities of modern communications standards while facing environmental challenges head-on.

The CHEM-CRAFT Advantage in Communication Technology

Our extensive experience with ROHACELL® foam positions CHEM-CRAFT as a pivotal partner in the development of innovative antennas and radomes.

By leveraging this superior material, we empower manufacturers to push the boundaries of what’s possible in radar technology, enabling more accurate navigation, positioning, and data transmission capabilities.

Furthermore, our strategic positioning in Europe allows us to swiftly respond to the evolving needs of the communication technology sector, ensuring timely delivery and exceptional service.

As the industry strides toward a future dominated by high-speed data transfer and precise navigation systems, CHEM-CRAFT remains dedicated to supplying materials like ROHACELL® that are instrumental in turning these futuristic visions into reality.


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