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Safeguarding human health and the environment from unnecessary radiation exposure is of paramount concern. Echoing the principles outlined in the German X-Ray Ordinance §2c (2), dated April 30, 2003, CHEM-CRAFT actively promotes the ALASTA principle — aiming to minimize radiation exposure levels to what is scientifically and technically achievable. 


Through the strategic use of ROHACELL® in various medical applications, we lead the charge in this critical endeavor.

Reducing Radiation Doses with ROHACELL®

The connection between minimal levels of ionizing radiation exposure and the increased risk of cancer or leukemia is a significant challenge in medical diagnostics. 

Recognizing the urgency of addressing this issue, CHEM-CRAFT offers ROHACELL® — a lightweight, structural foam used in the manufacturing of patient tables for X-ray and CT scans. 

By incorporating ROHACELL® into these essential medical devices, we significantly diminish the required radiation dosages for diagnostic procedures, directly contributing to enhanced patient safety without compromising the quality of diagnostic results.

The ROHACELL® Advantage in Medical Equipment

The unparalleled material strength of ROHACELL® permits the construction of exceptionally thin cores for X-ray and CT patient tables while still meeting rigorous specifications. 

Competing materials often necessitate greater thickness or density to achieve similar mechanical properties such as shear strength, complicating operational procedures and leading to increased absorption of X-ray beams. 

This either limits the effectiveness of diagnostic imaging or requires higher radiation doses, potentially impacting patient well-being. Additionally, ROHACELL®’s homogeneous cell structure ensures the even distribution of resin across surfaces, yielding low-interference X-ray images essential for precise diagnoses.

Versatility Across Medical Applications

Beyond its application in diagnostic imaging equipment, ROHACELL® proves invaluable across a broad spectrum of medical technology uses. 

From emergency medicine stretchers and tables to mammography plates and specialized therapeutic tables, ROHACELL®’s exceptional properties support CHEM-CRAFT’s commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery. 

Its ease of processing and adaptability to shaping methods like thermoforming further solidify its place as a versatile solution within the medical sector.

Forging a Future of Enhanced Patient Care

As a supplier, CHEM-CRAFT provides ROHACELL® to the medical industry, playing a key role in advancing healthcare technologies. Our commitment to delivering this high-quality material improves patient care and diagnostic precision. 

We support efforts to minimize healthcare-related radiation exposure by collaborating with professionals and manufacturers who integrate our supplies into their advancements. Our role underscores the importance of reliable materials in enhancing patient safety and operational efficiency in the medical field. 

Through our contribution, we are part of the drive towards better medical diagnostics and treatment.