High-Performance Foams in Sustainable Wind Energy

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CHEM-CRAFT takes pride in revolutionizing the wind energy sector by supplying ROHACELL®, a specialized foam developed to meet the intricate demands of wind turbine generation. 

The Impact of High-Performance Foams in Sustainable Wind Energy

As an integral part of the sustainable power generation landscape, wind energy offers an environmentally friendly alternative that significantly diminishes the reliance on fossil fuels, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 

With the global increase in wind power’s contribution to the energy mix, there’s an urgent call for enhancements in wind turbine production focusing on efficiency and resource conservation. 


This includes the production of lighter, more robust wind turbine blades – a challenge CHEM-CRAFT addresses head-on with the supply of ROHACELL® Wind-F foam.

Enhancing Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing with ROHACELL® Wind-F

Strategically engineered to introduce a new phase in wind turbine generator (WTG) design, ROHACELL® stands out for its unmatched mechanical strength combined with exceptional lightness, fulfilling the stringent GL standards. 

This novel foam material signifies a leap towards reducing overall blade mass, effectively decreasing turbine loads and prolonging the blades’ operational lifespan. Moreover, ROHACELL® is characterized by its shaping flexibility and is amenable to high-temperature curing, facilitating reduced cycle times in both pre-curing and post-curing stages.

Performance Advantages 

ROHACELL® significantly minimizes resin absorption (45% less compared to PVC cores), representing a cost-efficient alternative that does not compromise on quality. 

By maintaining a low specific mass without detracting from manufacturing quality, this foam ensures wind turbine blades are not just lighter and stronger but also more durable, whether intended for onshore or offshore applications.

The ROHACELL® Advantage in Wind Turbine Blade Development

Dedicated to supplying groundbreaking materials that catalyze the adoption of renewable energy technologies, CHEM-CRAFT’s provision of ROHACELL® Wind-F to the wind turbine blade market delivers:


– A tangible reduction in blade mass, leading to decreased turbine loads.

– Unmatched core shaping versatility to optimize blade design.

– Accelerated production timelines thanks to reduced cycle times.

– Considerable cost reductions through minimized resin absorption.

– Assured extension of blade service life for enduring energy generation.


Fully certified by GL and engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of both onshore and offshore environments, ROHACELL® embodies CHEM-CRAFT’s mission to offer superior materials that propel the future of wind energy.


By choosing CHEM-CRAFT as your supplier, you gain access to a suite of materials that are pivotal to pioneering advancements in turbine blade efficiency and sustainability. Join us in setting new industry standards, reinforcing our shared commitment to a cleaner, greener future through sustainable wind energy solutions.”