Fuel-Efficient Shipbuilding with ROHACELL® Composites

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In the dynamic and challenging marine industry environment, the quest for building more fuel-efficient and swifter vessels is relentless. As a leader in supplying innovative materials, CHEM-CRAFT is at the forefront of this quest, providing ROHACELL® composite materials that are revolutionizing the standards for lightweight yet robust ship construction.

Lightweight Strength that leads to Superior Maritime Performance

The marine industry is undergoing an exhilarating transformation, driven by the pursuit of materials that reduce overall weight and enhance durability and performance. 


CHEM-CRAFT recognizes the critical importance of cutting-edge materials like ROHACELL® composites in crafting the next generation of ships. 


Such ships are capable of achieving higher payloads, faster speeds and setting new benchmarks in maritime efficiency and safety. The strategic use of sandwiched composites in crafting deck and bulkhead structures facilitates substantial fuel savings and reinforces structural integrity in the harshest marine conditions.

Diverse Applications Across the Maritime Spectrum

The versatility of ROHACELL® composites is evident in their wide-ranging applications within the marine sector. These advanced materials find utility in various types of vessels, from state-of-the-art military naval ships and opulent yachts to rapidly moving passenger ferries and beyond. 


The composites we offer excel particularly in enabling lightweight construction for modern marine engineering marvels—including Surface Effect Ships (SES), cutting-edge frigates, and other vessels where reduced mass is paramount without sacrificing speed, safety, or operational capabilities.

Unparalleled Advantages with ROHACELL® Composites

Opting for ROHACELL® composites opens the door to a suite of advantages that are meticulously tailored for marine construction needs:


  • Enhanced sandwich manufacturing capabilities, ideal for refined processes such as resin infusion, ensuring streamlined production without compromising on quality. 
  • Exceptional dynamic strength, capable of withstanding the relentless pressures and challenges of marine environments, thus guaranteeing longevity and reliability. 
  • Significantly reduced smoke emissions, heightening safety standards in essential ship sections, from engine rooms to passenger compartments. 
  • Streamlined processing, granting manufacturers the agility to meet production demands efficiently, reducing time from concept to launch. 
  • Superior energy absorption, offering increased resilience and protection against the physical stresses encountered at sea.


Rooted in solid research, including comprehensive studies from KTH Stockholm on the fatigue behavior of sandwich foam core materials, ROHACELL® is a beacon of innovation in marine materials. Its accreditation by DNV and adherence to the stringent IMO HSC criteria for crucial ship domains further solidify its standing as the material of choice for forward-thinking marine applications.

New Era of Marine Excellence with CHEM-CRAFT

CHEM-CRAFT is more than a supplier; we are your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of modern shipbuilding. Our dedication to providing pioneering materials like ROHACELL® composites is staunch. We envision a future where maritime construction not only pushes the boundaries of engineering excellence but also champions sustainability and operational efficiency at an unprecedented scale.


Join CHEM-CRAFT in this ambitious journey towards a future where every seafaring vessel stands as an epitome of technological advancement, environmental stewardship, and unmatched efficiency. Together, let’s navigate towards new horizons, leveraging the immense potential of advanced materials to redefine what’s possible on the high seas.’