Advanced Lightweight Solutions for Railcars: ROHACELL® Foam

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In the rapidly evolving rail industry, speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are paramount. As modern rail systems strive to meet these demands, the focus on innovative materials that can lower life cycle costs (LCC) while boosting performance is greater than ever.

The leading solution in this is ROHACELL® – a rigid, high-performance foam that is revolutionizing the construction of railcars by offering unparalleled benefits in terms of weight reduction and thermal insulation.

CHEM-CRAFT, as the premier supplier of ROHACELL® and its sibling product ROHACRYL® foams in Nordic Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Benelux countries, is at the forefront of providing advanced lightweight solutions that not only meet but exceed the requirements of modern rail systems.

Enhanced Performance With Reduced Weight

The key to enhancing the performance of railcars lies in reducing their overall weight. ROHACELL® foam plays a critical role in achieving this by allowing for the creation of composite sandwich structures in various parts of railcars, especially within commuter and metro trains.

By decreasing the mass that needs to be accelerated and moved, these high-strength, low-weight cores help save energy, contributing to a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly operation.

Moreover, the implementation of ROHACELL® in railcar structures directly contributes to higher speed capabilities and improved reliability.

Through its excellent mechanical properties combined with low density, it ensures durability and resistance against dynamic forces encountered during high-speed travel. This also extends the operational lifespan of the railcars while maintaining optimal performance levels.

Tailoring Unique Designs

Transportation companies continually seek distinctive designs for their rail vehicles to stand out in the competitive market. ROHACELL® offers substantial advantages in this regard due to its ease of machining into complex 3D shapes.

This adaptability enables manufacturers to achieve unique aesthetics without compromising on strength or adding unnecessary weight. Additionally, ROHACELL®’s material homogeneity ensures reliable calculations during the design phase, further streamlining production processes and saving costs.

The versatility of ROHACELL® allows for its use in a wide array of design concepts. Whether for structural components requiring exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratios or aesthetic elements needing precise geometrical consistency, ROHACELL® delivers.

Its compatibility with various resin systems further enhances its suitability for creating innovative and visually striking railcar designs that are as durable as they are distinctive.

Safety and Durability

In the rail industry, safety remains a top priority alongside performance and efficiency. ROHACELL® foam’s remarkable temperature resistance sets it apart as a safe material choice for public transportation vehicles.

Coupled with its superior mechanical strength, it provides an added layer of security to passengers while maintaining structural integrity under various environmental conditions.

The durability of ROHACELL® extends beyond its physical properties. The material’s resistance to moisture absorption ensures longevity and reliable performance throughout the railcar’s lifecycle.